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How to Properly Dispose of Medication

If your medicine cabinet has expired drugs or medications that you no longer take, it’s important to dispose of them. While it’s safe to throw off the majority of medications in household trash, there are a few precautions you should take. Prior to disposing of a medication, check the bottle for any specific disposal instructions. If the bottle doesn’t include any specifics, you can safely dispose of the medication by doing the following:

1. Remove the medication from its original bottle, then mix it with a undesirable substance like coffee grounds or used kitty litter. This will minimize the likelihood of an animal or child accidentally finding the medication, as well as discourage anyone who may be looking through the trash in search of drugs to take.

2. Once you’ve created this mixture, seal it in a bag before putting it in your regular trash. This will help prevent it from spilling out of the trash bag.

3. Prior to throwing away medication bottles, use a Sharpie to scratch out all identifying information on the label. And if possible, throw out the empty bottle in a different trash bag than the one that contains your medication disposal mixture.