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Senior Healthcare

At Kaner Medical Group, we recognize the challenges that come with aging. We aim to provide the highest quality clinical care to improve the health of older adults. We offer comprehensive elder care, including diagnosis and assessment with treatment plans that go beyond prescriptions.


Our expert medical staff has expansive knowledge of the aging process and specialized skills in the diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative aspects of illness in the elderly. We are committed to respectfully working with patients, their families and caregivers to ensure quality of life and wellness. We focus on promoting health and preventing illness while managing chronic conditions.


Specialized Services for Seniors


One of the reasons that Kaner Medical Group is a Texas leader in senior healthcare is we take a collaborative approach to caring for patients. Having a team of experts means we’re able to offer a variety of services that address the types of specialized challenges that seniors face.


At the core of what we’re able to do for seniors is our geriatric assessment services. By doing a full evaluation of senior patients, we’re able to identify areas that require additional attention. Memory is a common example of an area that may require further attention. We provide additional memory testing, as well as care plans for all stages of memory loss.


Fall risk therapy and reduction is another speciality service for seniors. Given seniors’ elevated risk for falls and the serious injuries that can follow, providing therapy after a fall and preventative measures like balance training is very important.


What to Expect During Your Visit


From anxiety to stress, we understand all of the different emotions that can go along with seeing a new doctor for the first time. That’s why we take a lot of pride in our ability to provide attentive and compassionate care to every senior who visits us. Whether you’re an individual who’s planning your appointment with Kaner Medical Group or a caretaker making arrangements for a senior, we’ve found that it’s very helpful to know more details about what to expect.


When a senior visits us for the first time, it’s generally for a geriatric assessment. The best way to think of this visit is a comprehensive assessment that allows us to create a specialized action plan of care for a senior’s specific needs. By identifying a senior’s current level of health, as well as existing conditions and risk factors, we can explain specific interventions or actions that may be required. This assessment will also allow us to provide details about support in the form of ongoing visits or care.


Because of our collaborative approach to care, we’re often able to suggest potential alternatives for an existing condition that a senior may not have considered or been told about. The personal relationship we build and maintain with our patients means you’ll always feel comfortable and confident knowing that your healthcare is in great hands.


If you have any additional questions about our senior healthcare services or would like to schedule an appointment over the phone, you can easily reach us by calling 817-484-0353.