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If you need a physical for work, Kaner Medical Group offers pre-employment health screening. Our services include blood work, vision check, urinalysis/drug screening, tuberculosis testing, blood pressure/pulse readings and review of health history.


More Information About Physicals


One common misconception about physicals is that there’s an exact standard for this exam across the entire medical industry. In reality, how a physical is handled comes down to the doctor who is conducting it. That’s why it’s important to do a physical with a doctor you can count on to be thorough. At Kaner Medical Group, we ensure that we take a look at all of your vitals and other relevant information. And if we come across anything that requires additional attention, we won’t hesitate to look into it. That attitude is what allows us to provide the absolute best care to all of our patients.


Our method of conducting physicals starts with going over your medical history. During this conversation, we’ll ask you questions in an open and non-confrontational way. You can feel completely comfortable answering our questions, as well as raising any issues you’ve noticed with your own health.


Once we’ve gone over your history, the next step is to check your vital signs. Commonly checked vital signs include blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and temperature. While these checks are simple and quick to do, they’re an effective way to identify everything from hypertension to lung problems.


The Kaner Medical Group doctor who conducts your physical will use their stethoscope to listen to both your heart and lungs. When used in conjunction with other information, listening is a great way to see whether or not there are any potential issues with these vital organs.


Other exams generally done during a physical include a head and neck exam, abdominal exam, neurological exam, dermatological exam and extremities exam. Although these tasks are called exams, they’re as simple as an activity like listening to the heart. If any abnormalities are detected, they can be looked at in further detail.


There are also a few specific extras for both men and women. Men’s testicles will be checked for lumps or any other changes. It’s also standard practice for a hernia and prostate exam to be done during this time. And for women, a breast and pelvic exam can help detect any signs of breast cancer or abnormalities in the cervix.


In addition to all of the one-on-one exams that are done during a physical, your blood will also be taken and tested in a lab. This testing usually include a complete blood count and a chemistry panel. If a physical is being done for a job and the employer requires a drug screening, urine can also be collected during a physical to submit for urinalysis.


If you would like to schedule a physical, you can easily do so by calling our office at 817-983-7738.