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Physical Therapy

If you are wondering whether or not you may be a candidate for Physical Therapy, please know most people can benefit whether their condition is a simple ankle sprain or complex neurological disorder. Let our physical therapists create and carry out the best course of treatment for what is limiting your daily activity.

If you are experiencing pain or mobility problems after an accident or surgery, we can get you back to functioning like your old self again.

To request an appointment, simply fill out the form below with your contact information, requested provider, and top three appointment times most suited to your schedule. We will do our best to accommodate your primary request, and will contact you to confirm the appointment.

Services and Specialties

Many medical conditions come with a change in quality of life that may make it hard for someone to perform routine activities. Our services and specialties are focused on finding you the most appropriate and direct route for getting you back to your previous abilities.


Dedication and Approach

Our clinical and therapy team provides quality care in a professional and comfortable environment with the goal of sending patients home confidently and safely. We understand the emotional and physical challenge the road to recovery can be.

In order to get you back to normal activities, it’s important to start therapy as soon as your physician writes a prescription. Failure to do so may cause your condition to become worse. Physical therapy will shorten recovery time from pain, stiffness, swelling, weakness, and loss of function.

Choose a partner that not only has physical health experience, but is also backed by a knowledgeable medical team. We work very close with your physician to start your therapy promptly and keep him/her informed of your progress. Kaner has the right team to positively impact your recovery.

The Balance System SD is used for balance assessment and conditioning. From athletes to older adults, it will improve balance, increase agility, and develop muscle tone, with the broadest range of treatment options.