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Employer-Sponsored Health Programs

Let Kaner Medical Group assist you in creating a health and wellness program to educate your employees and keep them ready and fit to perform their jobs. We can also participate in company health fairs or discuss healthcare issues in a lunchtime setting. When flu season rolls around, let us provide your workers with their annual flu shot. For your convenience, we can provide any services that are needed on-site. We can also work with you on preventative treatments to keep your employees healthy and safe on the job.


Why Health Programs Are So Important for Employees


Although we all have access to more technology than ever before, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to be an employee in the modern world. Even when they work for employers who cares about employee well-being, modern workers are still under a lot of stress. Between their professional responsibilities and personal obligations, trying to find time to take care of themselves often gets put on the back burner.


The combination of ongoing stress, lack of physical activity and eating food that’s more convenient than nutritious is not a good situation. That’s why employer-sponsored health programs can make a real difference in the lives of employees. By being involved in this type of program, employees can learn how to adopt healthy behaviors. Those behaviors can make the difference between feeling great on a daily basis and eventually facing a chronic condition.


When employees feel their best, they also have a better self-image and self-esteem. Having programs in place can provide employees with the coping skills they need to handle issues like stress. Improving health means employees will have less healthcare costs to worry about. All of these factors come together to improve employees’ job satisfaction and create a work environment that’s more rewarding.


The Benefits of Health Programs for Employers


While employers design health programs as a way to help their employees, there are quite a few benefits in these programs for employers as well. One is lower healthcare and disability costs. By taking preventative action and giving employees ways to get healthy now, employers can help to curb the very significant costs that go along with managing all the types of health issues employees may have in the future.


Having a consistent way to be healthier will make employees feel better. What that means for employers is a more productive workforce, as well as a reduction in how often people miss work. Creating a culture around health at work is also a great way to get employees excited about their daily routine, which in turn can help an employer with retention of current employees and recruitment of future talent.


For answers to any additional questions you may have about an employer-sponsored health program or to begin discussing the specific details of a program you’d like to implement, please give our office a call at 817-385-9115.