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Drugs Screenings

One of the most challenging things for any company to create is a strong culture. A big part of creating an ideal culture is determined by who a company hires. For most companies, drug screenings are an important part of the hiring process. Given the time and resources required to find great candidates, maintaining a drug-free work environment by utilizing drug screenings is an important step.


Drug Use is Still a Major Issue for Employers


The US Department of Labor estimates that employers spend an additional $81 billion each year as a result of workplace drug use. Downtime, accidents, absenteeism, theft and turnover are just a few of the issues that can occur when employees have a substance abuse problem. Since many people are able to maintain a fully functional facade in spite of their drug issues, proper screenings are the only way to truly determine if a candidate is free of drug use.


Not All Drug Screenings Are Equal


Many people are surprised to learn that drug use in the workplace is still such a widespread problem. Part of that surprise is because drug screening and testing is a standard practice for companies across most industries. The issue that brings to light is not all forms of drug screening are equal. In order for this type of screening to be truly effective, it needs to be conducted by experienced professionals in the right environment.


The Benefits of Urinalysis for Potential Employees


In addition to the importance of screening being done by knowledgeable professionals in a secure environment, the type of test that’s done can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of this process. The screening method Kaner Medical Group uses is urinalysis. A big part of why we use this method is it’s very flexible and customizable. This makes it possible for a company to ensure that their screening panel test for the presence of very specific drugs.


Marijuana, cocaine, MDMA and opiates are a few examples of the types of drugs most commonly screened for via urinalysis. With this method of screening, highly accurate results are available in a very cost-effective manner. One question that employers often have about urine screening is if the results can be tampered with. While it is possible for an individual to attempt to mask what’s in their urine, this screening process includes steps that are specifically designed to determine if anything was done to the sample.


By creating a secure screening environment that includes strict protocols and administration by experienced medical professionals, we are able to provide results via urinalysis that give companies the confidence to know that they are making the right decision in moving forward with a candidate.


If you want to ensure that the drug screening for your company’s potential hires is handled properly, promptly and confidentially, you can count on Kaner Medical Group. Contact us online or by calling 817-857-6561 to discuss how we can get a drug screening process set up for your company.