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Balance Training

Balance is something that most people take for granted. Since it’s something that usually happens without any active thought, the majority of individuals don’t think about the fact that it’s actually a task which requires maintaining a center of gravity over the center of mass. The need for the central nervous system, inner eye, ears, muscles and lower extremity sensations to all work together is also something that doesn’t cross people’s minds on a regular basis. However, all that can change if someone suddenly encounters difficulties with their balance.


For over 30% of people who are at least 65 years old, balance problems become a reality. These types of problems can put someone at risk of falling. While falls are a serious concern for any age, they can be especially disabling for individuals over the age of 65. In addition to age, accidents are a common cause of balance problems.


5 Common Causes of Balance Loss and Instability


There are several different events and issues that can led to a problem with balance or stability. The first is vestibular and inner ear disorders. They can cause dizziness on an intermittent or constant basis. The second category is neurological problems. Neuropathy, amputation, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis are all conditions that can be directly linked to balance issues.


Orthopaedic injuries or procedures can lead to problems with balance. Conditions which result in Inactivity that negatively affects flexibility and strength also have the potential to interfere with balance. Finally, certain types of medications can cause an individual to have problems with their balance.


How Balance Training Helps Address This Problem


While balance problems can stem from a wide range of causes, the good news is balance training can address those various issues. This type of training actually starts with an extensive assessment. By looking at a patient’s situation on an individualized basis, it’s possible to figure out the specific causes of decreased balance. Other possible concerns like an increased risk of falling can also be taken into account.


Once the cause of this problem is known, training can be tailored to best address the issue. Function, coordination, strength, balance and posture are all things that are regularly covered with balance training. By taking a comprehensive approach to this treatment, it can be carried out in a way that doesn’t leave any elements of the problem to chance.


Kaner Medical Group Has Experienced Professionals Ready to Help


By taking part in balance training treatment, it becomes possible to strengthen the muscle groups that play a key role in balance. This helps to improve reaction signals and times, as well as includes the ingregation of vision-sensation-vestibular information.


At Kaner Medical Group, we pride ourselves on offering training that helps individuals deal with balance challenges in different environments like dim lighting or uneven surfaces. So if you or a loved one is struggling with balance problems, contact us through our website or on the phone at 817-857-6561 to discuss more about the balance training we offer.