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Allergy Testing

Let us help you get a handle on your sniffling and sneezing. Our Allergy Center provides allergy screenings and therapy to help you overcome allergens. We can help if you suffer from asthma, anaphylaxis, rhinitis and eczema, as well as have adverse reactions to drugs, foods or insect stings. Allergy tests, combined with a thorough examination and medical history, can help identity what you are allergic to, allowing for the development of a plan for prevention and/or treatment. Testing is generally safe and effective for adults and children of all ages.

To request an appointment, simply fill out the form below with your contact information, requested provider, and top three appointment times most suited to your schedule. We will do our best to accommodate your primary request, and will contact you to confirm the appointment.

We have extended our hours for the allergy clinic on Mondays. We will be open from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM (No Saturdays).

Starting July 1, 2016 the allergy clinic will close at 6 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays.